[Prices may vary on Specialties/Delicacies]

$1.50/lb for Whole Catfish.

$2.50/lb for Gutted Catfish.

$3/lb for Headed & Gutted Catfish.

$3.50/lb for Fileted Catfish.

Available Specialties/Delicacies:

Fingerlings: $4.50/lb (All orders for fingerlings must be paid upfront. See Terms & Conditions for details)

Tilapia (Seasonal: May through August)

$2/lb for Whole Tilapia

$2.50/lb for Gutted Tilapia

$3/lb for Headed & Gutted Tilapia

$4/lb for Fileted Tilapia


$1.50/lb for Whole Gar

$2.50/lb for Gutted Gar

$3.50/lb for Headed & Gutted Gar

$4.50/lb for Fileted Gar

Extra Services:
If you choose home delivery for your purchase of whole fish and would like them cleaned for you, let us know when ordering. We will clean your fish upon delivery for an additional $2/lb and take away the remains. You keep the fillets (all available fish) and head meat on larger fish (catfish).

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