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Across the country there is a growing network of individuals and businesses that believe in only American made products and fresh, local foods. Red’s Fresh Fish is a proud participant in the “Fresh & Local” movement. We only provide fresh, local fish and are growing a network of other local fishermen and markets, as well as other businesses.

The easiest way to support this movement is to only buy from local markets and businesses. It keeps the money in the local economy, and helps the local small business stay in business, and supports your local fishermen and farmers.

As a way to raise funds to bring awareness of this movement to more people, educate more individuals on the importance of local products over imports, and to help offset expenses, we are offering Red’s Fresh Fish hats and shirts for sale along with exclusive “fresh & local” movement products, such as hats, shirts, (and mugs, to the selection shortly).

When you purchase a Red’s Fresh Fish or Fresh & Local hat or shirt, you’re showing support for our local fish market as well as the larger “fresh & local” movement. Your support will help us keep the movement going and growing.

When your order comes in, you will recieve an invoice via email. Payment may be made via your PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card; payment is secured through PayPal. As soon as payment is recieved, your order will be shipped. There is a $10 shipping cost on all orders.

The order form is below the pictures of the available items.

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