Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

We strongly believe in the “Buy Local” and “Made In America” movements sweeping the nation. We also agree with preserving our environment and ecosystems through Eco-Friendly practices. 

Our visitors are primarily those who are concerned about the safety of the foods they consume. They are active participants in the “Made In America”, “Buy Local”, and “Healthy Living” movements. They are seeking foods and products that are non-GMO and chemical free; grown, raised, and produced/manufactured right here in America.

If you are a “local”:

  • Fisherman
  • Fish Market
  • Fish Wholesaler/Retailer
  • Farmer / Farmers Market / Farm Stand
  • Meat Market / Butcher / Deli
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • A business that manufactures supplies or equipment used in the fishing, farming, or restaurant industries.
  • American based Network Marketing and Direct Sales companies.

that sells local, American caught fish, American raised meat products, local grown produce, or a local shop that sells American made products, contact us at or to advertise with us.

You must provide:

  • Proof of DBA and registration (not required for Network Marketers or Direct Sales associates)
  • Required licenses and/or permits for your area
  • Name, phone, address
  • PayPal or Circle Pay email
  • If you’re NM/DS, you must provide proof your company is headquartered and based in America.

What you get advertising with us:

  • A banner ad in the sidebar (325 x 325 is recommended size, no smaller than 125 x 125)
  • A dedicated blog post. Each blog post is shared to our email subscribers, facebook page, G+ page, and twitter.
  • Increased exposure (our viewers see your ad. As we grow, you grow)
  • You will be added to our network. Through our network, we will recommend you in relevant blog posts or (for those in the fish industry) if you carry a fish a customer is seeking that we don’t carry; likewise, others in the network will do the same.


All ads are starting at a low price of $20 per month. Or, post our ad on your site and get your ad and post free.

Terms & Conditions

For purposes of this advertisement program, the term “local” is defined as follows:

  • A business that primarily serves his/her/their local community and only operates within the United States.
  • A farm or fish farm that raises their livestock, produce, or fish within the United States for purposes of selling to processors/markets and/or consumers within the United States. A fisherman/fishery that catches wild caught fish within the waters of the United States for purposes of selling to processors/markets and/or consumers within the United States.
  • Restuarants, Bars, Delis, etc that serve American raised and grown foods.
  • Any Network Marketing or Direct Sales companies that are based in America and sells American made products. Any companies that offer foods, foods must be made with natural, American grown ingredients.

Local is anywhere in the United States your business is operating with the intent of supplying American foods and/or American made products to your local community.

1. Ads and Posts:

  1. All ads and posts must be put together by you
    1. Posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words
    2. Posts may be subject to editing by us before publishing.
  2. Must be clear and legible
  3. Cannot be suggesting direct competition with Reds Fresh Fish or any of our other advertisers.
  4. Must include a form of contact for more information. This would be your business address, phone number, or website. A minimum of one is required.
  5. Newer ads may be submitted to replace your existing ad.
  6. Posts in addition to the existing post may be submitted to update information or sales/promotions.
    1. Additional posts will only be added in a certain frequency or time-frame we decide at any given time. Take this into consideration before submitting additional posts.
    2. If you are only updating info on an existing post, you may submit the updated info.
  7. Posts may only discuss your products that are American caught, American raised, and American made. No mention of imported products is permitted.
  8. At our determination, ads will either be static or placed on rotation. Ads in rotation will rotate weekly.

2. Payment And Pricing:

  1. All payments will be made via PayPal or Circle Pay. You could pay using your PayPal account or with your Credit/Debit card. Payments are to be sent to or use the following link: To pay with Circle Pay, payments are to be sent to
  2. Each month of advertising begins upon payment being recieved. Ads will not appear on our site until payment is made.
  3. There is absolutely NO REFUNDS. If you feel advertising with us isn’t working out for you, let us know and we will remove your ad at the end of the month you have paid. At our discretion, your post may remain in the blog.
  4. Pricing is subject to change at any time with or without notice.
    1. If you are paying monthly during a price change, we will do our best to inform you of the change before the following month begins.
    2. If you paid in advance for a set amount of time, price changes will not affect your pre-paid advertising time. To continue beyond your pre-paid time, you will need to pay updated prices beginning the month following the last pre-paid month.

You will see ‘PayPal* Rev. Dr. Red’ on your credit/debit card statement for PayPal payments after payment is made to Reds Fresh Fish. Do NOT cancel payment. If payment is cancelled or reversed, your ads and posts will be removed.

3. Businesses:

  1. Must deal in local, American fish, livestock, produce and/or American made products.
  2. Must provide up-to-date, accurate, information.
  3. All Network Marketing and Direct Sales companies will be verified before posting.
    1. There will only be ONE representative approved per state per company.
      1. At our discretion, we may add additional representatives to a state.
    2. Must include state in your submitted post for SEO purposes.
    3. You agree you will NOT use similar wording or imagery in your submitted post and/or ad that pre-existing reps are already using.

4. Network Status:

All advertisers will be automatically added to our network. Upon termination of advertising with us, you will remain in our network until and unless you ask to be removed.

5. Misc.

We reserve the right to deny advertisement to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

We reserve the right to edit or add to these terms at any time for any reason whatsoever. It is your responsibility to check these terms timely for any changes.

6. Acceptance Of Terms:

By submitting an ad and/or post and issuing payment, you are expressing you have read, fully understand, and accept these terms.

Email us at or with any questions or to get started with your advertising.

NOTE: Yahoo bounces incoming email to our email accounts. Likewise, on occasion you may recieve an error message. If you have a Yahoo email, or you recieve an error message, email our email.