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Here at Reds Fresh Fish, we believe your health is important. This is why we offer only local, wild caught fish. No chemicals, no overcrowded fish farms. And now we’re expanding our product selection into additional all natural products. To start with, we have supplements and other health products. Organic produce will be available as well in the future.

Red is an Independent Brand Promoter of these health products. In keeping within the terms of his contract, we can only give you information on the products and direct you to his company page to create a FREE customer account and purchase the products, and offer the product in-person. We are not allowed, as per the contract, to list individual product listings on our website, only locally. To review each of the products, and order locally, please click here. You may also review each of the products by clicking here.

So, what is the product? The product is Thrive by Le-Vel. It comes in two different product lines. The core line (the primary three products) and the plus line (the rest of their products). These products are all made in America and are non-GMO, pharmaceutical grade, made in an FDA approved building.

Thrive is in America, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom. So you can order your products from us if you reside anywhere in these six countries!

What does Thrive do for you? Take a look at this:

If you answered Yes to ANY of the questions in the above image, Thrive can help you. 

Thrive is set apart from any and all supplements you find on store shelves for the simple fact that Thrive was specially formulated to guarantee complete absorption of all nutrients. Most other brands care more about profits than your health. So where you think you’re helping yourself by taking multi-vitamins or other supplements, the sad fact is that only a fraction of those nutrients are being absorbed. Some companies don’t even use the right form of the nutrient in their formula, making it impossible for your body to absorb the nutrient.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Thrive:

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With Thrive, you don’t need to worry about absorption. All nutrients are in the proper form to be absorbed, and their patented formula ensures complete absorption.

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