Independent Reseller

Independent Resellers

As an Independent Reseller you will have the opportunity to grow your own business through us or expand product selection of your existing business. All Independent Resellers must have a valid Freshwater Fish Dealers License.

As an Independent Reseller, you will purchase your stock from Red’s Fresh Fish at wholesale value and resell at listed retail value. By pre-purchasing, there are no further payment obligations. You pocket the profit.

Terms & Conditions

1. Status

Becoming an Independent Reseller with Red’s Fresh Fish in no way signifies or establishes employment, an employment opportunity, etc. As an Independent Reseller, you are an independent contractor and you are responsible for all your own taxes and business expenses.

You agree that you will not suggest or imply you are an employee or an associate of Red’s Fresh Fish.

2. Eligibility

All Independent Resellers must:

  • be 18yrs old or older
  • have a valid Freshwater Fish Dealers License
  • have a valid Florida Drivers License
  • have your own registered and insured vehicle
  • have a working cell phone
  • have filet knife and ability to sharpen filet knife
  • have fish skinners
  • have fish scaler
  • have at least one cooler with a capacity to hold a minimum of +/- 100lbs (50 Quarts) of whole fish
  • be a resident within the area of Palatka, FL to DeLand, FL (including Ocala, FL). [If you live outside this area and are interested in this opportunity, submit an application. If possible, we will expand outward to cover your area.]
  • have a PayPal or Circle Pay account

3. Your Responsibilities

All Independent Resellers are responsible for the following:

  • Advertise Red’s Fresh Fish in your local area.
  • Keeping a minimum stock at all times of fillets. Notifying Red of any orders recieved for Whole, Gutted, or Headed & Gutted fish. When stocks are low, or an order is ready, to pick up additional stock and pick up and deliver orders.
    • As average amount of orders for fillets increase, you must increase your minimum stock. Notify Red’s Fresh Fish of needed stock increase. All re-stock orders must be placed no later than minimum stock being reached.
    • No stock of fresh frozen fillets that sit longer than three (3) weeks is permitted to be sold. When week three approaches, you must submit a re-stock order. (Order your re-stock within reason of the sales of the previous three weeks)
      • Stock that hasn’t sold in a three week time frame is open for your personal consumption. Stock will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Each year when your Freshwater Fish Dealers License is renewed, you must submit a copy to Red’s Fresh Fish to continue selling Red’s Fresh Fish.
    On occasion you will need to clean fish.
  • All fish are to be paid for upfront at the current wholesale price at any given time. The wholesale price covers your fish cost as well as the fees to operate under Red’s Fresh Fish. 
  • Agree and abide by all terms stated herein as well as applicable terms stated in Terms For Resellers.
  • Review the website often for updated pricing and any changes to these Terms & Conditions as well as any changes to Terms For Resellers.
    • “Like” our Facebook page. All updates and changes will be posted and/or linked there immediately following said updates and changes.
  • Payment of any staff/employees you hire under you.

You are responsible for all business expenses, including Freshwater Fish Dealers License fees, equipment, vendors permits, and gas.

You are responsible to make sure your business is operating legally within your local area.

4. Red’s Fresh Fish Responsibilities

  • Fulfill orders and re-stock orders as timely as possible.
  • Notify you of all orders recieved through Red’s Fresh Fish website, email, or phone in your area.
  • Notify you, the Reseller, of price changes.

5. Prohibited

You are not permitted to do the following:

  • Create your own advertisements or marketing material. Only official Red’s Fresh Fish material may be used.
  • Create a website or blog designed to appear like an official Red’s Fresh Fish site, use Red’s Fresh Fish in the domain or site title, etc. You may advertise Red’s Fresh Fish on an existing blog or site and link to our official site and social media accounts only.
  • Promote our fish alongside nudity, promotions of illegal activities, etc. If you promote us and our fish on any site or social media account that is connected to the promotion of nudity, illegal activities, or otherwise questionable material, you will be terminated from the Reseller program.
  • Charge a higher price than our listed retail value. All fish are to be sold at no higher than our listed prices at any given time.
  • Re-price stock. You are not to alter prices on packages still in stock if prices go up. The remainder of your stock is to be sold at the listed price on the package.
  • Compete for Red’s Fresh Fish customers. All fish must be labelled as Red’s Fresh Fish.
  • Market to chains or nationwide retailers. You are not permitted to market or sell to chain stores or nationwide retailers.
  • Accept orders for Red’s Fresh Fish “under the table”. All orders must be submitted to Red’s Fresh Fish through our website, email, or phone by the customer or to Red by you before the order is processed.
  • Re-freeze any stock for sale. At no time is it permissable to re-freeze stock intended for sale. All fillets are frozen immediately upon processing to maintain freshness. Should any stock defrost for any reason whatsoever, you are not permitted to sell that stock. The stock is to be immediately replaced.
    • Red’s Fresh Fish is not, and will not be held, liable for any reason whatsoever of loss of or defrosted stock. You are responsible to replace any stock intended for sale.

Additional Prohibitions For Businesses:

  • Use Red’s Fresh Fish, or any misspelling of our name, in your business name. Use your own, unique business name. You are not to imply your business is in any way connected to, or a subsidiary of, Red’s Fresh Fish. As an Independent Reseller, you are growing your own business and are a distributor of fish supplied by Red’s Fresh Fish.
  • Compete for Red’s Fresh Fish customers. All fish must be labelled as Red’s Fresh Fish. Any and all competition will immediately terminate your contract.
  • Market to chains or nationwide retailers. You are not permitted to market or sell our fish to chain stores or nationwide retailers.

6. Permissions

  • You may resell our fish at no higher than our current listed pricing at any given time.
  • You may market to local markets only. Local markets include, but are not limited to, farmers markets, local fish markets. If you have permission to sell at a local farmers market, you may need to obtain a vendors permit.
  • Hire staff
    • At your discretion and choosing, you may hire individuals to assist you. These individuals are your employees, and you are therefore responsible for payroll, scheduling, training, etc, to do with these individuals. Red’s Fresh Fish is in no way responsible for your employees you hire beneath you.

7. Payment/Purchase

All fish must be pre-purchased. Your cost will be wholesale value. In pre-purchasing the fish, there are no running debts or other fees. All profits of pre-purchased fish is your income. There will be no further or additional payment due to you by Red’s Fresh Fish or payment or fees due to Red’s Fresh Fish by you.

Fish may be purchased using PayPal, Circle Pay, Cash, or Credit/Debit. You will purchase all fish at wholesale value to resell at retail value.

Any and all orders that are ordered and paid for online, providing you are stated in the Referree/Reseller box of the order form, you will recieve your portion of the payment via PayPal or Circle Pay.

8. Schedule 

Within the terms below, you are able to work as little or as many hours a day as you like. You may work anywhere from one day a week to everyday. 

  • Must be available during the working hours, anywhere between the hours of 8am to 8pm. How many hours you work is up to you.
  • Must be available any necessary hours required during the week (seven days) prior to a holiday to fill any and all holiday orders by the day before the holiday.
  • Must be available at some point of the work day (see hours above) on Saturdays.

9. Termination

Should any of these Terms & Conditions be violated, you’re contract, position, and status as a member of our network, will be immediately terminated. Any funds still owed to you by Red’s Fresh Fish or to Red’s Fresh Fish by you must be paid within seven (7) days of termination.

Upon termination, any and all activity to do with Red’s Fresh Fish must cease. Any and all customers that inquire about new orders are to be directed to to place their order. Any and all property owned by Red’s Fresh Fish in your possession is to be returned to Red’s Fresh Fish within seven (7) days of termination. 

10. Additional

A. If you are an existing business, please see ‘Terms For Resellers’ on the ‘Terms & Conditions‘ page.

BAll operations for and through Red’s Fresh Fish must keep the Red’s Fresh Fish image of a mobile fish market.

C. Members of the Independent Resellers agreement/program are not permitted to join the Referral Program. If you wish to join the Referral Program, you must first terminate your Independent Reseller agreement.

D. We reserve the right to deny any application or terminate any agreement for any reason whatsoever.

Acceptance Of Terms

These terms are legally binding. Terms may be updated at any time, with or without notice. It is your responsibility to check often for any updates. If you do not agree to these terms, do not submit an Independent Reseller Application. Submission of application implies you have read, understand, and agree to all terms stated herein at time of application submission as well as any and all updates and/or changes in the future. If it is discovered any of these terms are being violated, you will be terminated from the program/opportunity and removed from our network.

Submit An Application

Important Notice:

Results of becoming an Independent Reseller is not guaranteed. Your growth and income is entirely dependent upon you. The harder you work and the more time and effort you put in, the more you will earn.

Red’s Fresh Fish is not responsible or liable for lack of income, growth, or your success in any way. Nor are we responsible or liable for any financial loss. 

By submitting an application and being approved, you understand that you are solely responsible for all earnings and/or losses that you may incur due to your being an Independent Reseller as an Independent Contractor.