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If you’re a wholesaler, retailer, restaurant, etc, click here. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, and are interested in joining the Red’s Fresh Fish family, read below.

Entrepreneurial Spirited, Self-starters Wanted

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Do you believe natural products should be available to all at an affordable price? If you are looking to start your own local business, or expand product selection of your existing business, becoming an Independent Reseller or Independent Fisherman through Red’s Fresh Fish may be the answer. It’s a great way to create an extra income source that may grow into a full-time business.

If you’re an individual looking to generate extra income, or a business looking to broaden product selection and you only have 1-4 physical locations, you may be interested in promoting our health products as well. Click here to learn more.

(Note: It is not required for existing businesses to join this opportunity to order and resell our fish. See ‘Terms & Conditions‘ -> ‘Terms For Resellers‘ for details.)

For those who don’t want to worry about dealing with the fish personally, check out the Independent Marketer position. No storing or handling any fish!

The opportunity is strictly commission-based and extremely flexible.

  • You write your own schedule
    • Part-time or Full-time, you decide!
    • See the Terms & Conditions for each position for the terms related to scheduling.
  • You’re in control of your earnings.
    • The more time you put in, the more sales you generate. The more sales you generate, the more you earn.
  • In most cases and most areas, you may run your business out of your home.

By marketing and supplying/distributing our fish, you are helping people obtain local, wild caught fish at affordable prices. 

If you have any questions, send an email to or At this time, this opportunity is currently only available in Florida. If you are located in another state, or outside our ‘eligible area’ (stated below), and are interested in the opportunity, send us an email.

If you do not reside in Florida, click here.

This opportunity is not an employment opportunity. You will be a Distributor of Red’s Fresh Fish as an Independent Contractor. If you’re interested in employment, rather than the independent opportunities explained below, please email us your employment inquiry. However, all opportunities could lead to full-time employment opportunities; such an offer will be made to Independent Marketers, Independent Resellers and Independent Fishermen at the sole discretion of Red’s Fresh Fish.

The opportunities make available the ability for you to “be your own boss” distributing Red’s Fresh Fish. You must follow all requirements for your area, which may include obtaining a vendors permit (will be discussed upon recieving your application). All regulations and Terms for the position of choice must be adhered to.

You don’t have to worry about the legalities of starting your own market. Distributing for and through us will provide you with the training and knowledge you need to be successful as well as options for advancement in our company. Red’s Fresh Fish will take care of whatever we need to in order to expand into your area, if your area isn’t already covered. As long as all ‘Terms & Conditions’ are followed, everything will be fine. Any terms found to be broken, including illegal activities and underhanded sales, will terminate your contract.

  • Underhanded sales are sales of fish to anyone, including Red’s Fresh Fish customers and Resellers, that are not reported, and appropriate fees paid, to Red’s Fresh Fish.

There will be one Independent Fisherman per area. If your area already has an Independent Fisherman you can either become an Independent Reseller, Independent Marketer, or work for the Independent Fisherman.

  • An area for Fishermen is defined as 25-50 miles in each direction from where the Fisherman is located. The Fisherman is responsible for supplying all Resellers within their area as well as customers in areas within their area that doesn’t yet have a reseller.
  • An area for Resellers is the city/town within they reside. Neighboring towns may be included in a Resellers area based upon population and/or request by said Reseller.
    • Requested additions granted to an area does not and will not mean another from the requested area will not recieve Reseller status. If a Reseller becomes available in requested area, the Reseller of the neighboring area whom requested the additional area will be able to maintain their customers within the additional area but must cease advertising for additional customers. This is done for purposes of allowing all Resellers a fair chance to grow their business and income.
    • All areas that are given to a Reseller of a neighboring area based on population will not see a Reseller until population permits or said Reseller hires from within that area.

Independent Fisherman will have the opportunity to become management as business grows in the Fishermans area. In areas where Independent Fisherman become management, Independent Resellers will have have the option of being directly employed through Red’s Fresh Fish under the Independent Fisherman. If management and/or employment offers are turned down, you will remain Independent Contractors until the contract is terminated by either party.

Independent Resellers and Independent Marketers will have the opportunity to become management within Red’s Fresh Fish based on growth of sale volume and ability to maintain a certain volume. If management and/or employment offers are turned down, you will remain Independent Contractors until the contract is terminated by either party.

Please read all ‘Terms & Conditions’ for the position you wish to apply for before submitting an application.

For Independent Reseller information, click here. (Eligible area: Palatka to DeLand)

For Independent Fisherman information, click here. (Eligible area: Statewide)

For Independent Marketer information, click here. (Eligible area: Statewide)

For Health Product Promoter information, click here. (Eligible area: Nationwide)

At the bottom of all pages is a link to fill out and submit an application.

Important Notice:

Results of becoming an Independent Fisherman, Independent Reseller, Independent Marketer, or Health Product Promoter is not guaranteed. Your growth and income is entirely dependent upon you. The harder you work and the more time and effort you put in, the more you will earn.

Red’s Fresh Fish is not responsible or liable for lack of income, growth, or your success in any way. Nor are we responsible or liable for any financial loss. 

By submitting an application and being approved, you understand that you are solely responsible for all earnings and/or losses that you may incur due to your being an Independent Fisherman, Independent Reseller, Independent Marketer, or Health Product Promoter as an Independent Contractor.