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Red’s Fresh Fish is a mobile fish market that delivers your fish to you. But not just any fish. We specialize in local, wild caught fish. We only use methods and equipment that is safe for our eco-systems and the animals and fish that depend upon and live in our waterways.

We have two delivery options we call “delivery” and “pick up”.

  • Delivery – We deliver your order straight to your door.
  • Pick Up – We meet at an agreed upon central location where you may pick up your order.

We also have roadside events. Roadside you will find whole or filleted fish. All whole fish were caught the day of the event, while the filleted fish were caught the day before to be filleted and packaged. ” Like” us on Facebook so you don’t miss a roadside event.

We currently do not have a customer accessible location. We’re using a different kind of business model that is strictly mobile, eco-friendly, and employs a network of independent fishermen. We thrive to provide only the freshest to our customers.

Red’s Fresh Fish began in June 2015 while Red was still learning how to fish using these techniques and obtained his own commercial fishing license. Red officially seperated from the others he was fishing with and launched Red’s Fresh Fish full-time in December of 2015. Red has been building Red’s Fresh Fish from the ground up on nothing more than a shoestring budget, determined not to let anything get in his way of bringing awareness of the importance of our waterways to the American people, bringing attention to the risks and dangers of imported fish and the benefits of American fish, and ultimately bringing awareness to the people of America’s oldest and dieing industry with the hopes of reviving the industry.

We are also offering non-GMO, pharmaceutical grade, American made health products. Click here for more info.

We are also growing a network of other American fishermen, farmers, and other businesses. 

We are constantly working on adding more fish to our selection, as well as additional products. You’re health and wellbeing is our #1 concern, therefore we will only be offering the best products available on the market. 

Our Current Service Area:

Putnam County:
Crescent City, Georgetown, Welaka, Satsuma, San Mateo, East Palatka, Palatka, Lake Como, Pomona Park, Interlachen, Hollister, Yelvington

Lake County:
Astor, Camp Ocala

Volusia County:
Barberville, DeLand, DeLeon Springs, Pierson, Seville

Marion County:
Ocala, Citra, Kerr City, Silver Springs, Yellow Bluff

Flagler County:
Bimini, Bunnell, Codys Corner, Espanola, Palm Coast

St. Johns County:
Butler Beach, Crescent Beach, Hastings, St. Augustine

Alachua County:
Hawthorne, Lochloosa.

A statement from Red:

I love how ancient cultures did things to survive. I also have a problem with mechanized devices that in many cases do more harm than good.

At Red’s Fresh Fish, I utilize these ancient techniques to fish. No commercial boats with gas powered mechanized devices. I currently use a canoe as my boat of choice. As Red’s Fresh Fish expands, we will use a fleet of canoes, pirogues, and other types of small boats.

When you place an order for fish, our lines are dropped and nets cast. Below is a picture of my boat, cast net and very first setup of trotlines. My trotlines are more organized these days.

As we grow and expand, you will see more and more Red’s Fresh Fish boats similar to mine. Varying in color and size, and many equipped with trolling motors or electric outboards. 

MyBoatMyEquip2Red’s Fresh Fish will never use methods that are dangerous or harmful to the environment. Only the best methods that date back 10,000+ years will be used.

As technology advanced, many ancient methods were modernized or replaced altogether. Up until now, you would only see these methods being used by recreational and sport fisherman.

I’m hoping to draw attention back on fishing using these historical methods, and bring fishing back to the local market. Rather than a few international companies destroying the population of many species of fish, I’m working towards a future where fishing returns to local communities working with the ecosystem, not against it.

By using these methods, not only are we doing our part to keep the ecosystem of the waterways thriving, we are able to provide you with local, wild caught fish at affordable prices.

I also believe through proper health, we can conquer a lot of illnesses, lower stress levels, and achieve better sleep and more daily energy. So I will be adding products to our selection that meet my strict requirements. Only non-GMO, chemical free, organic products will make it into our product selection. 

As we grow, we will have the largest selection of American fish, American grown produce, and American made products anywhere in the country. I will only work with other American businesses that have the same vision as I do. 

We’re based in the Fruitland area of Crescent City. Serving areas north to Palatka, south to Deland, west to Ocala, and east to the coast. All areas further north or south, please see Terms & Conditions for order requirements.

Our full service area includes Astor, Barberville, Bimini, Bunnell, Butler Beach, Camp Ocala, Citra, Codys Corner, Crescent Beach, Crescent City, DeLand, DeLeon Springs, East Palatka, Espanola, Georgetown, Hastings, Hawthorne, Hollister, Interlachen, Kerr City, Lake Como, Lochloosa, Ocala, Palatka, Palm Coast, Pierson, Pomona Park, San Mateo, Satsuma, Seville, St. Augustine, Silver Springs, Welaka, Yellow Bluff, Yelvington, and all areas between.

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